How it works

Takemethere works with your existing favourite apps to put all the key travel information you need at your fingertips. Simply share content just like you might share to Pinterest, Whatsapp or your favourite notes app; takemethere will use our computer smarts to figure out the location and give you the relevant information without you even leaving the first app.


Want more info? Just save the item to your wishlist and open up the main takemethere app and you can get more details on prices, weather, what to do and more.

Want a step by step guide? Hopefully this will help:

1) Share content to the app

  1. Click the three dots (...)

  2. Click 'Share to'

  3. Select 'takemethere' from the list of apps. If you can't see it on the list, select 'more' and enable it

  4. Save it to your wishlist

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Found somewhere you like the look of?

2) Check details

Open the app, find the item you want more information about from your wishlist (or search from the map) and it's all right there for you

Click through for more detailed information on flights and travel guides, or to get additional inspiration from elsewhere on the internet


3) Manage your wishlist

Use the app to build your ultimate travel bucket list. View as a map or a grid. Sort and filter your list by price, distance and more, making it easier to work out where is suitable for your next big trip, or that quick city break