Frequently Asked Questions

How do I share content to the app?

This varies from app to app, but in general look for buttons that either say 'Share' or look something like one of:

I can't see the share to takemethere icon

If you can't see the icon, you may just need to activate it. On the share menu (the one that pops up and gives you options to share to 'Mail', 'Message', "Notes' etc., click on the 'More...' option and enable 'takemethereshare'

Why am I getting a 'not found' message

Our system analyses a variety of data to determine the location associated to the content that has been shared. It may be that there is not enough information for the system to work out a good match, or it might just be that our system doesn't understand....yet. We are constantly working on improving our service so you should see this message less and less!